The centuries of peace that our people once took for granted are now at their end. The four Elements, once controlled by the Gods of Creation and Destruction, have broken free of their bonds, and their vengeance knows no bounds.

The very earth beneath our feet shifts.
The seas that were once calm now crash down upon us.
Winds howl and fires rage.

But all hope is not lost, for heroes shall rise. The scattered mages of the ancient Order of Elementia will be called forth once again. While their magic and strength will be pushed beyond their limits, they will fight because they must. The Order has tamed the Elements once, and they will do so again. Will you join them?

Welcome to Elementia.

Main Story

Our story begins in the once peaceful ports of the Shimmering Isle.  As if the recent increase in bandit raids were not enough, conflict has arisen between the townsfolk and a species of Mainland fish folk known as the Nilbogs, never before seen on the island.

In an effort to find peace, you must learn new skills and craft new items in order to defend your home. All the while, a larger threat looms beyond the horizon. News of the four Elements laying waste to the mainland of Gaiaden has reached your remote island. It seems that the world is in need of a hero. Will you answer the call?

Taking up this mantle will require you to travel to distant lands, meeting people and creatures the likes of which you have never seen before. You will encounter rivers of lava flowing through once peaceful valleys, rocks floating high above the ground, and water-covered lands where great cities once stood. The only hope to restore balance to the land is to seek out and aid the ancient mages of Elementia as they attempt to harness the powers of the Gods and bind the Elements once more.  The fate of the very world depends on it.













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