The world of Elementia is full of challenges to overcome. In order to succeed, you will need to master combat, craft uniquely powerful items and equipment, trade with other players, and develop your skills.

Classless System

Elementia has a weapon skill-based system, meaning that you can be any type of fighter that you want without having to re-roll an entirely new character. Equipping any weapon will allow you to begin leveling and unlocking specific skills tied to that fighting style.

Want to change the way you fight? Simply equip something else!


Player-Driven Economy

The classic "gather, craft, sell, repeat" crafting loop found in many games is getting an upgrade! Elementia is focused on creating a peer-to-peer trading system that relies on player interaction to buy and sell goods in order to level your desired professions.

Group Content

Elementia features many dungeons, raids, and world bosses that provide cooperative challenges to heroes and their parties. Working with others will be crucial to your success, especially for the more difficult parts of the game.

Hidden Challenges

While you will find much of what you're looking for by reading your map, Elementia features many hidden caves, puzzles, and more to unlock rare gear and achievements that will take extra effort to discover and acquire.

Dynamic Guildhalls

Elementia's strong emphasis on cooperative play means that guilds have many features and opportunities to showcase their achievements. Imagine having an exclusive space for your guild to gather and socialize. Elementia allows your guild to have a hall in major cities that reflects your guild's achievements in-game.













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