Developer Update – 15/09/2021

Good morning everyone.

This is a quick developer update to keep you all up to speed with the project. As some of you may know me and my wife are just about to have a child so I will be afk for a couple of weeks but Dreadedzombie is still going to be working on the game whilst I make dad jokes and change nappies. This means the majority of updates will be programming and core feature updates rather than world design and items. This is not a bad thing at all and when I return it means we have lots of new things to showcase to you all.

As of now we are currently working on combat abilities, enemies and quality of life fixes as per our invite only testing feedback. Steady progress is being made and we cannot wait to showcase these items. General UI is being improved as can be seen in the Sneak peeks in the guilded server.

We have added a few members to our internal testing and within the past few weeks we have already pushed over 10 major patches to this build packs with fixes, features and world building. The next aims are to improve core features such as randomising resource node spawns, played inventory upgrades so you can inspect other players and see items on your own character as well as beginning crafting professions such as enchanting, making fishing more fun and general profession upgrades.

As always keep and eye out for sneak peeks, Join the guilded server if you have not already ( and be part of the community as we grow.

Thank You!













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