Dev Blog #1 – The Beginning

Welcome to the first of many Dev Blogs. We will be using these to give a broad insight into the development of Elementia. These will be periodic posts that will contain images and pictures of current and upcoming developments within the game.

Elementia is a project with a very small team of like-minded developers from around the world. We all share a vision of a skill-based MMORPG, with the features listed below:

➤ Explore multiple different zones and dungeons fighting a variety of enemies.
➤ Level up your combat and profession skills to progress your character.
➤ Experience the lore of the world and powers of Elementia
➤ Play with your friends and guild mates to help fight stronger monsters.
➤ Become a crafting master by perfecting your profession and crafting skills.
➤ Battle epic bosses in dungeons or world events

These are to name a few. We will be posting many future blogs which will dive into certain features more as well as shed light on new ones.

Combat will be a blend of action based telegraph style combat as well as tab target style abilities. This will bring a dynamic playstyle to each weapon skill and allow them to function differently to other skills. This telegraph style uses cones, circle and rectangle markers on the ground to show where attacks will land and targets need to be in the designated areas to be damaged. This is for both players and mobs so paying attention is needed. As an ex wow player. Standing in the red circle is bad.

Weapon skills. These are your ‘classes’ in Elementia. When you equip a weapon you activate that weapons skill. The higher a weapon skill level the more abilities you have unlocked and therefore more useful and powerful you become. If you want to switch then simply swap weapons to activate the new weapon skill and begin leveling.

Professions and gathering skills will level up on use, harvesting or creation and will have recipes either bought from vendors, found in drops or gained from quests. If you want to be a master crafter it will take some time and dedication.

PvE & PvP content – The world of Elementia is largely a PvE environment with dungeons, raids and world bosses to satisy your adventuring as well quests and exploration. PvP zones will be designated areas where you can collect rare items from gathering or looting but beware. You may leave with less than you came with.

If you want to learn more about some of these features then check out the video in the link below.


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